Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Want To Be Crafty!

OK, I know it's WAY late! I have the flu, (I think it's just the regular one!) and slept a ton today. So naturally I am loving my time to be awake without having to take care of Ryan's every need. I read my friend, Jill's, blog where she made a crafty cover for her daughter's car seat. She works full time, has two girls, is/was the primary president, so where did she get her time to make that? It looked WAY good, too!

I just wonder if I can be doing things like this or for myself while Ryan is awake. I don't have to be doing something to help him grow at every time of the day. Right? I don't know. I feel like I should only reserve "me" time for naps, and let's face it, when I need a nap, there isn't much time!

I think when Jared gets paid on the 1st, I am going out and buying the stuff to make my own car seat cover thingy. I am going to get it done no matter what. (In addition to the million scrapbook pages I need to make!)

How do you guys get "me" time in? I just feel so guilty. I feel like the time I do spend with him isn't even that good, so how do I shorten it and still feel happy about the mother I am. Please any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now I Know...

...to never plan anything on the day of getting a massage. OR if I get one, to get it in the afternoon or evening.

I had one by my friend, an old co-worker at PCS who needed some more hours, and it was AMAZING!!! I am always needing a massage! She did such a good job, and I was so relaxed and calm all day. I didn't even care to get anything done.

When we got home, Ryan had had two short naps so I laid down with him for a long one. We slept for 2 1/2 hours! We woke up at like 5 pm! This is why this is being posted after midnight. :) I didn't care though. It was nice and relaxing. We did end up going to the grocery store, and I worked, but that was it!

On a good note, Renee (who did my massage) suggested walking at the mall so it would be warm. I live pretty close, but I do like the easiness of going outside. If I have to drive to the mall and then walk, I might not be as good about doing it. We'll see. Or I could just revisit Wii Active while Ryan crawls around. I'm going to have to play it by hear and hopefully something sticks as well as walking did. If only I started it MONTHS ago! Oh well, you can only control the present, and even then your control is limited. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Blues

Body Fitness

Last Monday was great and I got so much stuff done. I had the same expectations for today. In fact, I was looking forward to Monday the whole weekend! I kind of give myself a break in being so scheduled to get stuff done and go with the flow. It was weird after a week of not wasting a moment to not be doing anything in particular! I was excited to get back to it!

Then Monday came. I admit I went to bed WAY too late last night. This made me be extra tired when 7:00 am came and Ryan wanted to eat. Jared also went into work late because he slept in. I almost couldn't get on with my day because he was still in bed. Seeing him lay there in that nice warm bed made me so jealous! So as soon as Ryan's nap came, guess what I did? Yep took a nap!

He napped too short and ended up crying a ton, so I brought him into my bed and we napped together. We ended up napping for 2 1/2 hours! Yikes! We had some carpet cleaners come today (since Ryan is a crawling machine now) and I had to do a bunch with that. While they were cleaning though, I took Ryan for a nice walk. We walked down to the elementary school to go play on the swings and slide (it was such nice weather!) and when we got there I saw the kids. The first thing that went through my mind was what holiday was it that kids were out of school?! When I remembered, it WAS a school and of course there were kids there! haha! So we turned around and walked back. This actually was a little bit longer of a walk than normal. I didn't power walk, but it was nice.

This and showering were the only things I did today. Yay for showering!! :) I didn't read scriptures or scrapbook. And really the walking was a fluke. If it wasn't for the cleaners, I wouldn't have gone. But it's okay! I don't mind. It just felt like a Monday where you don't want to do anything. But tomorrow will be better!

I want to get a heart rate monitor for my walks. I haven't done any really good research yet, but I was talking to my brother and he said that it's a certain heart rate when you're walking you want to achieve to burn fat. I like this idea a lot! Doing this will be so much easier and since it is easier I will be more likely to go walking! I think eventually I'll be more fit to run. Especially when I'm used to the walks in my schedule so I won't skip out on exercising.

Also - how cold is TOO cold to take your baby on a walk with you in the morning, or even during the day? Are there stroller carriers to keep baby warm? I really love the idea of going in the mornings. It stinks that it's turning winter though!

GOAL: Go walking everyday! Time the walks to be at least 30 minutes. Try to get in other body work outs like sit ups/push ups. See what works best.

Soul Fitness

Jared and I went to the temple on Saturday. It was so amazing. I learned much more than I ever have. I have been the longing wife lately. You know, "My husband never does anything nice just because and I totally deserve it so why doesn't he do it. Yeah he does stuff I ask him and he tells me he loves me, but why can't he just call out of the blue and say he loves me or send me flowers or do something special!!!" This was me last week. Men are Men. And I had a boyfriend who was the romantic type and did make me feel that special feeling, but he also treated me like crap! So which is better? I would definitely take the typical man that really takes care of me and I know he loves me with all his heart over the romantic.

Anyway, there was a part in the temple where I realized what my role is in this marriage. It isn't about just doing everything for Jared or giving giving giving of my time and, well, everything. There is a purpose to my role. Realizing this purpose has been the best thing that has happened to me in a long time in our marriage. Don't get me wrong, I still nag and find things to be mad about; I'm a woman. :) But I am choosing what I need to bring up and making sure I support Jared and help him realize his purpose in this life as well. It was such a wonderful feeling!

We are going to try and go to the temple once a month. We were planning on going to the Draper Temple, but they don't have rental clothes and my dress doesn't fit and Jared doesn't have pants or a tie. I'd like to get these things soon. Maybe they'll be Christmas presents!! :) We ended up going to the Jordan River Temple. It was amazing how small the group was for the session. I guess having two new temples open up has decreased numbers a ton! I sat by an older lady, probably 45-55, and she was so sweet. She had the sweetest smile and when I sat down after a certain part, she held my chair down and patted my hand. I love that! I love feeling like we are a heavenly family. It's really weird, but when there are these small sessions a lot of people won't sit next to each other. You find your typical one chair in between each person. This is typical of me... but since I am wanting to be less shy and more outgoing and friendly (let's face it, shy people can seem really rude!) I sat down next to this woman. Even though I know nothing about her, I felt love and friendship from her. It was a great feeling. I hope I can be more like her.

GOAL: Try to be the type of person that makes it to the Celestial Kingdom. I really don't feel like I am keeping my covenants enough to go there. I need to be more like Christ, and I am really trying to do that. I really think this will make me happier and my family happier and better off as well.

Mind Fitness

I did another page for scrapbooking over the weekend. I used my new stuff I've had for awhile. I don't LOVE how it looks so I am going to try and do more stuff to it.

Goal: Do a ton more pages and get ready to paint the entertainment center. (I may need advice on this!! :)

Over all - it was a good weekend and a good day. I am stoked for this week, and I hope I can keep my goals and keep doing great!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Morning Walks

I decided that our walk yesterday was so much fun that I'd like to do it in the morning when it's cooler. It's so quiet and peaceful. Except for all the dogs barking! haha. I take my mom's dog with me and I'm sure that doesn't help with the barking dogs. Ryan seems to like the walks and I like it a lot more than running. Eventually I think I'd like to get a jogging stroller. If any one has one they'd like to sell or let me borrow until I can buy one, let me know! :D

Here is a cute picture of Ryan on our walk this morning.

I did my best to get some scrapbooking in. Ryan woke up early from his nap so I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I wanted to show that I did make an effort! Here is the page I finished today.

I did everything I needed to do today, and wanted to do. Ryan kept himself busy today with trying to crawl. Pretty soon, I am not going to be able to put him on the floor while I do some other things quick. I wonder how it would go for working out. Maybe it's time to get a playpen to put him in for 20 minutes.

Anyway, things are going great! Now I just need to keep it up. I'll post next on Monday with my goals for that week. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today my goal was to not take a nap so I could get everything I needed to do done. Well when nap time came around, I longed to lay in bed with Ryan and sleep. I love sleeping with my little baby. I kept going back and forth whether I should do what I am supposed to or follow my longing for a nap with my bubs. You wanna know what I did? I compromised.

In my compromise, I substituted running on a treadmill for taking Ryan for a walk. We have a HUGE travel system stroller, which is pretty heavy, and I figured that could be my exercise. Power walking burns more calories than running, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I did double our normal walk, took the dog, walked as fast as I could and walked the hills in stride. I was definitely panting in some parts and got home sweating. Ryan had a blast being outside, so two birds, one stone. My compromise worked!

Taking a nap also meant I didn't get my scripture studying in. To fix this I substituted reading the mail to Ryan with reading my scriptures to Ryan. It sounded really funny saying it out loud and reading TO Ryan. I felt like I was screaming Repentance to him. I had to stop and tell him that it wasn't directly to him because little babies are perfect in every way. I know that he can't understand it, but reading is good for your baby no matter what it is. It will be hilarious if he starts talking scripture language. He will be like Stewie from Family Guy. Scary!

I just love to read at least one chapter because it gives me reminders of how I want to be. I want to be a good person. The end of Moroni practically screams Charity! Charity! Charity! As of right now, I don't think I can make it to the Celestial Kingdom. For the past three years, my heart hasn't been in the right place when it comes to service and charity. I want to be kinder and more friendly. I am extremely shy and meeting people (new or acquaintances) scares the crap out of me! Visiting Teaching scares me. The thought of calling up someone I don't know to set up an appointment or be partnered with to set up appointments scares me so bad. I have always wanted a partner who was very active in calling people themselves and would let me only do it once or twice. This never happened and what resulted was a lot of women never being visit taught. I know I missed out on a lot of great friends. Hopefully this studying and trying to be more like Christ will help me step out of my bubble of comfortability and not only enrich my life, but others as well.

I still haven't gotten around to scrapbooking. I am going to do it tomorrow though. I WANT/NEED to do it tomorrow. I'll even post what I make. This way I am accountable. :)

Today was great, because my day didn't go as planned. It was okay, because I changed things around to do what I wanted and still be successful. Thinking ahead makes a big difference. I am sure that is what I will have to do to get some FUN scrapbooking in!! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What are your priorities?

I think that it would be best if I write them down and refer to them everyday. Let's face it, as a mom, I am not going to get everything done everyday. Monday was a complete fluke, right? So if something doesn't go a certain way, what things do I need to let go?

This is really hard for me, because I see so much that HAS to be done everyday. I need to start being honest with myself and a priority list will help me do this.

Today, the baby woke up 45 minutes into his nap. He was pretty restless so I laid down with him to help him fall asleep. It took about 15 minutes, I think; I am not completely sure, because I fell asleep too! When I take these naps, this totally kills the full completion of my "things to do" list. I was trying to see how much I could fit into his next nap. I need to be honest with myself or else things that aren't that important (Facebook and vacuuming) will get done and my fitness will slide. That is exactly what happened today. Although, I am glad I vacuumed because the little stinker is almost crawling and he needs to be able to be on the ground exploring.

I decided I would get my priorities list together for WHEN, not IF, this happens again.

1. Ryan. He will always come first. If I can incorporate my responsibilities with fun time then great!

2. Eat. As a nursing mama, it's very important that I eat a good meal and take the time to make one.

3. Shower. If I need one, and I did today, I need to take one.

4. Work. I need to be a good employee by having my work done before 4 pm.

5. Study scriptures. This only will take 15 minutes. Forget facebook or blogging if this needs to be done.

6. Physical fitness. If needs be, use Ryan as a weight.

7. Clean. Only one thing a day. If something needs to be done that day, the others can wait until tomorrow or later in the week. (Cat litter is something that usually should come first!) and this can be interchanged with #6 if there is no more underwear left!

8. Scrapbooking. Do not get on facebook or blogging unless this has been done. I need to be caught up before Ryan's 1st birthday!

When I read this, it doesn't actually look that bad or that hard. Hopefully, I don't fall asleep again with the baby. It's so much fun cuddling with him. Maybe I'll let myself do that once a week. :)

There are some things that you don't do on a daily basis that have to get done. I'd like to have those things (bills, mail, etc.) done before the baby wakes up from his first nap. Along with exercise and a shower. If I don't get the exercise done, I can read scriptures and do Wii Active with the baby when he is awake. That pushes my shower until later too, but that's okay as long as I get it done.

If you have any suggestions, or have a different list of priorities you follow, I'd love to hear them. I'm new in all this so the suggestions and reminders are wonderful! Wish me luck!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wanted To Throw Up

Today was a great day! I went to bed early and after Ryan woke up, he ate/slept for an hour and a half, which I LOVE. Since I got such great sleep, I didn't take a nap. During Ryan's first nap, I read my scriptures AND did some running AND took a shower. :D I did this all before 11 am! I also wrote a letter to my niece Kaysi and tidied up our bedroom. I even made dinner as well! A friend of mine stopped by and we chatted for an hour. I got so much done today and it was great!

So why the title to the post? Well I ran. I put in my max speed of 5 mph. I did the fat burning mode where it makes you walk and every two minutes it goes up a speed. I ran for two minutes at 5 mph. After it was over and went down to 4.5 mph, I hopped off to get a drink of water. That is when the fun sensation hit. I couldn't run any more. Did this happen because I didn't cool down and just hopped off? I don't remember this happening when I started running back in May. I think tomorrow I will make my max speed 4.5 mph. Hopefully, tomorrow I will also wake up with sore legs. Even though I quit, I still ran for 11 minutes. That's pretty good in my book!

Reading scriptures was nice. I decided that I haven't read D&C since 9th grade, so I'd start there. Before I went to it though, I wanted to read Moroni. I have such a respect for Mormon and Moroni. I can't imagine living the way they did and having such strong faith. These men knew that this life is just a small moment compared to eternity. I want to remember that often. When I'm thinking about how I need all these worldly things and I wish we just had more money, I have to sit back and realize these are just things. They will not help me get to the celestial kingdom or bring me closer to Christ. There are so many good people in the world and the church. They see things in an eternal perspective and don't waver. I am so thankful for their examples. I need to focus on how my marriage is and rearing my child the right way. Anyway, I am just amazed at Mormon and Moroni's strength and love for us. It definitely builds me up to read their words.

I don't know if I'll be posting everyday, but I was excited that I actually met my goal today. It was fun and I'm happy that I did it. I also got my facebooking and blogging in! So somehow I made time. Yay!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I guess it's pretty obvious that fitness has taken a back seat in my life. Right now my excuse is I am waiting until we move so I can feel more scheduled. But when we move, we won't have a treadmill in our home, so I am sure more excuses will come.

One thing that has been really inhibiting me is the amount of sleep I get. It's like you go go go all day long with the kid that when he goes down to bed, you just want you time. Going to bed is the end of you time and the beginning of go go go all day long. I seriously get like 4-5 hours of sleep a night. I have ALWAYS needed at least 8 hours. Why am I doing this to myself?

So my schedule is usually like this: Wake up at 6ish am, yes when it's still dark outside and Jared is still in bed and the rest of the house is quiet, feed Ryan and hope hope hope he falls back asleep for at least another hour. Some times I get this, lately I don't. Then I get up with him, let him play while I eat breakfast and be a zombie since I only had 4 hours of sleep. Once he's tired we both take a nap for about 1 1/2-2 hours. Then we get up, play, eat solids, get dressed, play some more. Then he goes down for a nap and I get my 2 hours of me time. I try to shower during this time, but let's be honest, I'd rather not. I may stink, but it takes so much time to shower and who do I have to be beautiful for? lol. I also am working for my sister-in-law and during this time I have to work for about a half hour. I am also addicted to social networking sites such as facebook, reading babycenter.com, and reading other people's blogs. So I must do a little of that. Then Ryan wakes up and we usually do something outside like errands, I get home and then make dinner, he goes down for a short nap, Jared gets home, we spend time as a family, get Ryan ready for bed around 8:30 pm he goes down, and then I have to work about 2 hours. So did you get that? I have about 2 hours of my day that I get to spend some time on me. So after I do my two hours of work, I usually end around 10:30-11 pm, I have to do some more me time. Some times this me time goes well until 2:30 in the morning. Then I go to bed and just lay there listening to Jared snore for about 45 minutes. My favorite part is when Ryan wakes up and I get to do the whole thing over again.

I DON'T want this to be my life. There are so many things that I want to do. Exercising is one of them! I also have so many projects I want to start for my new place, but "I don't have time." What a load of crock, huh? I want to start reading and studying scriptures. I used to do it all the time and I felt so uplifted. I want to be a better daughter of God, serving others and being a good wife and mother to my family. I want to volunteer and give of my time (that I apparently don't have). I can't do all these things unless I get some things straight in my life.

I have lots of friends and family who are into healthy living and fitness. I read their blogs every time they post and they have helped me a lot. I haven't started, but it gets me thinking. My friend Ashley has a dieting blog and one of her posts was about working out with baby and doing it is for them as well as for you. Another friend, Lauren, recently started working out almost everyday and schedules her day around her work out. My cousin who has a fitness blog called Fit Me Pink, Robyn, does the same thing. My cousin Lyenna also has a blog where she talks about her fitness endeavors and it helps me a lot. My friend Emily loves to run and writes about her marathons, yes marathons!, on her blog. These women all have children and the same responsibilities I have, and probably even more. I have got to stop being so lazy and start living my life.

Robyn does a lot of running and talks about her experiences on her blog. Just recently she did the Ragnar Relay in Las Vegas. She hasn't written about it yet, but I can't wait to see what she writes. She is so inspiring. I realized that if I want to make running be a habit, I need to set more goals than just weight goals or time goals. I need to have a goal on my calendar. I need to sign myself up for a race. This scares me to death. But I will probably get Jared to do it with me, since he wants to get more fit, too. I don't even know where to find out about races or how to train for one, but I am sure I can find out through comments or the World Wide Web. (I love these quick answers at our fingertips at home!) Once I sign up, I can't back out. This will help me do it. I am also competitive so hopefully this will make me work harder so I don't come in last place! :)

Anyway, I have a goal in mind, and I want to thank all of my cousins and friends for inspiring me to be a better me. I know I have it in me and the reminders everyday or here and there really do make a difference. You are all amazing and hopefully one day I can do the same for others.