Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Back!!

Well soon I will be at least. :)

I don't know if any one still reads this blog, but I had Baby Brady 4 weeks ago and I'm about 2-3 weeks away from starting my weight loss journey again.

I have about 6 pounds to go before I hit my prepregnancy weight and then, of course, I am still working on getting under 130, and if possible, I'd love to be 125 or 120! So I'm going to work hard and hopefully get there by the end of the year.

I have all my DVD's from Moms Into Fitness and I got a jogging stroller for my birthday. I feel very prepared and can't wait to get started!

And I'll be posting a picture too. Ick, but you do what you gotta do to get motivated. :) I thought about taking a picture my first week after having the baby, but that's just depressing and unnecessary, right?

Anyway, two or three more weeks and I'll be posting. Yay!