Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Motivation

Last week I skipped one day.

One day turned into "why bother working out since I was going to Bear Lake and going to eat a lot anyway."

Then Brady decided to start waking up in the middle of the night again. Twice. At the same time, Ryan decided to start waking up at 7 am.

Let's just say I am tired.
And during the kids' nap time, I want to sleep too.

I know I need to be better. I know that I have so much to do and I can't do it unless I make a commitment everyday.

So here is my confession of my slacking off. I know I shouldn't wait for a good night's sleep, but hopefully tonight is the night. :) And I'll be back to working out tomorrow.


  1. It's hard when you feel like everything is stacking up against you being successful at your goal, eh? I can totally relate. From personal experience, beware of all-or-nothing thinking. (i.e. "I missed a day or I ate a doughnut, I might as well just stop trying.") It'll get you every time! Every little bit you do is great. I always have to keep this in mind and keep patting myself on the back as I keep at it and get better at consistency. You're awesome!

  2. Well first off, I love the jogging stroller! It looks way nice! I have always wanted one, but never actually talked myself into getting one. And secondly, keep up the good work. Its really hard to work out, and its really easy to let yourself slip and lose motivation. I lose motivation all the time, especially the days I don't sleep well or any other time I can think of a good justification. For me right after I had Tyson, I had 4 months to get back to looking good before Ben came home, and I really didn't want him to see me the way I looked after I had had Tyson, I was huge! So that was motivation for me, and I killed myself trying to lose all the weight. Ever sense he has been home though I find myself losing motivation and finding reasons to not work out. Its hard at sometimes when the kid are sleeping, even if your not napping also its really nice to just relax, so I understand what your going through. But don't let your self get down. Looking at your pictures in your other blog, It looks to me like your losing weight and looking good. Even if you can't do a full workout and your not motivated, do a 10min one, when your done you will feel better about yourself and feel proud you did at least something, then go take a nap. And you will be able to work up from there. Ha ha well I guess I just wrote you a novel,sorry :) Stay happy. . Miss ya!! :)